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The Herrin Family
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TIMA Awards
The Herrins won 2008 TIMA Bluegrass Group of the Year at the TIMA Awards Convention at First Baptist Church of Sunnyvale TX.. We were honored to win the award and look forward to another year of Bluegrass Gospel music..

Roland Wright is president of TIMA and they are looking for new members for TIMA..

The organization has previously been for only Country Gospel performers, but Roland wants all venues of music to be a part of TIMA..

Please e-mail Roland at r.hwright@att.net if you want to join TIMA..

 -- Dee Herrin - Tue. Oct 14, 2008
Cross Timbers Opry in Stephenville TX
We had the honor of performing at the Stephenville Opry Saturday, February 2nd along with Carroll and Debbie, Grandpa's Neighbors and Hickory Hill.. The Bluegrass Gospel Show was unbelievable.. We had almost a full house at the opry and everyone stayed for the entire show.. We even had a few people from the Fort Worth area travel to hear the show..

We pray that the Lord ministered to some hurting souls during all the Bluegrass Gospel Music that was sang that night..

Please come out and hear us "pick and sing" for our LORD anytime we are close to your area.. You'll never know what you are missing unless you come!!!

 -- Dee Herrin - Fri. Feb 8, 2008
LULU Roman Concert
The HERRINS had the honor of singing with LuLu Roman(star of HEE-HAW) on Friday evening, September 21st at Garner Baptist Church in Weatherford, TX.. The audience had a wonderful time listening to all the music and LULU's testimony.. She shared her life's testimony and how the Lord miraculously saved her and turned her life around for HIS GLORY... WHAT A TESTIMONY FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR!!!

LULU's message is a message of "FORGIVENESS AND MERCY" which we all need to hear.. LULU will be ministering at Fountain of Life Church on Sunday morning, November 18th.. So, please come to hear her awesome testimony if you get the chance.. It will change your life FOREVER..

The Herrins are busy singing "BLUEGRASS GOSPEL MUSIC FROM THE HEART" anywhere the Lord opens the door..

 -- Dee Herrin - Mon. Sep 24, 2007