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Brandon Baumgarten
BOOKING - Phone / (918) 934-5825 - BOOKING - E-mail / bbaumgarten18@gmail.com
PO Box 926 - Oilton, OK 74052


"Engaged. Encouraged. Empowered." Whenever Brandon sings or speaks, these are the feelings he strives to leave in the hearts and minds of every audience member. Valued, essential, and integral to the body of Christ. With a heart to reach people, Brandon's music and messages are both prayerfully selected and intended to be tools to edify the church as well as glorify the Father.

Brandon first started singing when he was four years old in Michigan while his father was studying to become a minister. In 2001, the family moved to Oklahoma where Brandon began singing solos and specials at his church. At 14, he was helping lead worship at his church in Oilton, Oklahoma. Upon graduating from Oilton High School, Brandon was elected to serve the Oklahoma FFA Association as State Secretary, State President, and as a National Officer Candidate representing nearly 25,000 students. With this statewide platform, he received top-notch training in stage presence and learned how to connect with people. Brandon began speaking more and more frequently, and after finishing his term, was invited to speak and sing all over the country at conferences, schools, churches, and youth rallies, all with the intent of serving and reaching out to others.

Recently, Brandon has been striving to reach new people and get out of his box by trying out for different singing competitions. In 2015, he was named the Red Carpet Karaoke Champion for his vocal performance in both country and southern gospel genres. In 2016, Brandon was named the Seminole National Singing Competition Champion by The Gospel Station and gives all the glory to God. Brandon is also a recently published author of the book Caught Up & Called Out, a book about leadership and how to activate the leader of impact in you.

If you are looking for a someone to ignite a fire within your church as well as bless them with gospel music from the heart, consider hosting Brandon at your next church service, youth rally or community event. What makes Brandon's work unique is his ability to be authentic while emptying his whole heart to leave a lasting impact on your life and motivation to serve an Almighty God. Feel free to reach out to Brandon using any of the above social media sites or contact info.


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