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Cindy Gallant
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6001 Plants Avenue - Fort Worth, TX 76112

Joy and blessings in the name of our
gracious Heavenly Father to all who visit

I would start by saying "I was born" but to be honest, there wasn't really anything interesting about my life until the day I was "RE-BORN". In early April of 1985 in a corner room on the second floor of the old Cook Children's Hospital, I truly met and felt the presence of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I'd heard about him all my life and knew of his works and miracles but until that day it was all fairy tales and nice stories. They say for some of us we have to be knocked down to make us look up, well that year (thank you Jesus) I was knocked down. My new born son was admitted to the hospital for what turned into the longest four months of my life. I begged, pleaded and tried to make deals with the very same God that I never had time for. You know, "God if you'll do this for me, I promise I'll start going to church etc" When that didn't work I cursed him and told him I hated him for what he was doing or allowing to happen, how that must have broken his heart. One day while looking at my baby with a mass of tubes and lines running from his small body, who had gone from a healthy 9lb, 2oz baby to barely 4lb's of living skeleton (for the first time in my life) I truly cried out to the Lord. I asked his forgiveness and I told him I could not go on watching my baby slowly die and if it was his will to take him, please do so quickly and no matter what his decision I would serve him the rest of my life! The very next day our doctor came in and told us he had awaken in the night and thought of one more test to run! My baby boy is now 6' and weighs about 195 at the age of 22, thank you Jesus! I am so very grateful for my family, my husband and support of 25 years, my beautiful daughter and my handsome (healthy) son. (Joey, Jamie and Jody, I love you!!)

I've sang all my life but never knew singing could mean so much or be so sweet until I met the Master. I have a song of praise on my lips every waking hour of every single day. I just can't get enough of him and the love he surrounds me with. He has greatly blessed me in every way and I in turn pray that I might be a blessing and uplift others through the ministry of song. It is my desire to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven that others may come to know him as their personal Savior.


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