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Friends By Grace
BOOKING - Phone / 214-770-9246 - BOOKING - E-mail / friendsbygrace@sbcglobal.net
PO Box 1977 - Midlothian, TX 76065

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Four Days Late

I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary


Friends By Grace has been singing since 1998 and has, since its start, always devoted every song, every note and every message in song to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We hope to never sing a note that doesn't come through Jesus' mouth first to be purified and to convey the only message He wishes to convey: that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. We feel that if just one person is blessed by what we sing, then we have done what God has asked of us.

A new lead/tenor singer joined our group in January 2002 and we could not be more proud of Lonnie Royal, the baby of the group. He has brought a great voice and sweet spirit to the group. We consider ourselves very lucky to have him. Lonnie and his wife, Chris, live with their son, Adam, and their daughter, Rebecca, in Arlington, Texas. They attend Fielder Road Baptist Church, also in Arlington. They all love the Lord and try to convey that in their daily lives.

The rest of the trio is made up of the married couple, Randy (the old man) and Judy Melton ( the one with no facial hair). They live in Dallas, Texas, and attend Hillcrest Baptist Church in Cedar Hill, Texas.

We know that God had a plan for our group and we are just trying our best to do His will and get His word out to as many as will listen. God continues to open doors for our ministry and has allowed us the opportunity to record our first project and have another one in the making. He just keeps showering us with His love. Remember, if you don't know Jesus as your Savior, you are missing out on your "showers of blessings." There's nothing to compare to the love of God.

Friends By Grace would like to thank our Sweet Savior for His gifts, which He has allowed us to borrow for this life. Without Him, we would be nothing, but by His Grace, we are what He has called us to be. We thank Him also for opening doors for our music ministry to walk through, and for our ability, through Him, to bless others.

We would like to be able to name each and every person who has gifted us to make our projects possible, but that would be impossible. There are so many that have continued to pray for us through the valleys and also those mountains we have climbed, and we are sure they are praying for us now. To our home churches, the many friends, our sweet loved ones, and some folks we are not even aware of that have supported us, we want to say a very heartfelt, "Thank You!"

We are available for your singing needs, whatever they might be. We told God at the onset: wherever He opens the door, we will go. We have ministry items for purchase, including CD's and cassettes. To book this dynamic ministry today, contact Judy Melton at the number above.


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