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The Apostolic Boys
BOOKING - Phone / (214) 391-0017 - BOOKING - E-mail / jopace@sbcglobal.net
Official Site - www.apboys.com
2930 N. St. Augustine Drive - Dallas, TX 75227
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Brand New CD
The Apostolic Boys have put out a new CD called BreakThrough. There are 11 songs on this album, which also features 8 brand new recorded songs. Also included are songs written by group members Jeremy Peace and Jared Pace. Go to the Apostolic Boys website at apboys.com to order BreakThrough.

 -- Joel Pace - Wed. Oct 18, 2023
New Member
The Apostolic Boys would like to welcome Jeremy Peace as their new tenor. Jeremy is a former member of the Kingsmen, Old Paths and recently The LeFevre Quartet. Jeremy brings a plethora of expertise and experience with a dynamic sound that fits right in.

 -- Joel Pace - Wed. Apr 27, 2022
The Pace Family
Apostolic Voice has now become "The Pace Family". Check out our new web site at: http://pacefamilymusic.com

Also listen to the song clips of our new CD "Well Known Favorites" Volume 2.

 -- Joel Pace - Sat. Dec 20, 2014